What is PSI/AMP?

PSI/AMP is a national provider for state licensing exams. It is owned by PSI Services, LLC. If your licensing exam is administered through PSI/AMP, it means they manage and administer your state’s licensing exam.

Please note that PSI recently acquired AMP and that the process for taking exams through PSI/AMP may vary per state as they transition ownership. Unless otherwise specified, exams are still scheduled through GoAMP.com.

Candidate Handbooks

PSI/AMP works with each state real estate commission who use the Real Estate Examination Program (REP) to provide a Candidate Handbook for each state that includes general information regarding the exam, testing process, and license requirements and eligibility.

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National & State Portions

The real estate examinations offered by PSI/AMP consist of a state and national portion. You must pass both portions to apply for a license.

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Which States Use PSI/AMP for Licensing Exams?


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PSI/AMP Contact Info

PSI Certification Headquarters
18000 W. 105th Street
Olathe, KS 66061-7543
913.895.4600 • 913.895.4650


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